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But what is also important we are seeing an

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Conversion and CTR We use content-selling newsletters Content mailings are considered the most useful for the client, because they not only demonstrate products or talk about promotions, but also provide subscribers with new usefu of the store and increases audience loyalty. This type of campaign is also aimed at retaining customers. Stores avoid open advertising of specific products – instead, they are imperceptibly integrated into the text, advised to buy, announced in the ratings. And only in some cases they offer a product selection as an addition to the main subject of the letter. Content sellers include such types of mailings as product reviews, guides and recommendations for selection, digests of new products.

Increase in customer loyalty – they trust

Content mailing After l, Retail Rocket marketers achieved the following goals : We increased the Open Rate of letters and increased the activity of the base by 20%. We focused the Singapore Mobile Number List attention of subscribers on priority products (taking into account the interests of customers t and marginality). We diversified the content and kept the interest of subscribers in the newsletter during the period of reduced purchasing power (after the introduction of quarantine). results For the period from November 2019 to December 2020, Retail Rocket experts developed an email strategy for.

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OUR store and come back to shop again

The KotoPhoto online hypermarket and achieved the following indicators: Subscriber base dynamics for 2020: The subscriber base grew by 20%; The loyal segment increased by 57%. Project feedback How to increase the loyalty of subscribers in the email Business Lead channel by 1.5 times: the case of the KotoPhoto online hypermarket “The email channel for us is a special opportunity to convey useful information to customers, tell them about new products, discounts and news. Thanks to the work of the Retail Rocket team, which fine-tunes mailings, we do not need to spend our resources on this painstaking process. On the face of the growth of the main indicators: conversions and revenue.

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