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DThe company very quickly adds new malware malicious and phishing  sites to the block lists – and also improves machine learning models that allow identifying unknown newly emerging threats. The Kaspersky Lab solution has high performance . It can easily cope with a multiple increase in the volume of transmitted data: the gateway from Kaspersky Lab easily adapts by adding new nodes to the cluster. The Kaspersky. Lab solution also provides the ability to detect sophisticated targeted. Attacks as it can be integrated with systems  designed to detect advanced threats such as a Sandbox. After the departure of foreign vendors Kaspersky Lab remains the only manufacturer in the domestic market that offers such functionality.

Ego Volker Director of the Computer Systems

IN modern conditions the transition to domestic security software is important no. Tt only from the point of view of security as such but also in order to make protection as transparent as possible (and therefore more reliable) for the user. Therefore the gateway should be based on 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers a trusted system preferably also domestic. For example OS Astra Linux or Alt Linux. It is also better for users to assemble the stuffing of the gateway on their own according to their needs so that this tool does not become a black box. This will allow you to have full control over it and the processes occurring inside. Dreb Gateway Security  Suite products for protecting Internet gateways are oriented.

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Towards such realities — they are fully compatible with domestic. Operating systems are certified by Regulatory authorities and are included in the Russian Software Registry. In the context of Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) there is another player with a rich Business Lead history in the Russian market – UserGate. Their product UserGate NGFW has been on the information security market for many years. Using this product you can implement not only the basic tasks of protecting users traffic and the network perimeter but also organize such modern security concepts as ZTNA (zero trust access) XDR (advanced threat detection and response.