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Simple Lead Generation for Online Business

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Eastern demand The number of domain registrations related to the purchase of cars in August increased five times compared to July and times compared to the beginning of the year Victoria Varlamova an Angara Security brand protection expert calculated for Izvestia. She clarified that less than new domains appeared in January more than in July and more than in August. Some of the registered sites may belong to real intermediaries and parallel import companies and the other may be used by scammers the expert explained. As a rule the appearance of such domains is due to the fact that Russian Cards.

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Do not work abroad. Accordingly people do not have the opportunity to interact with the supplier directly and they use the services of third parties. It may also be a consequence of Denmark Cell Phone Number List┬áthe increased demand for Asian cars after the departure of European manufacturers from the Russian market – Victoria Varlamova suggested. Roskomnadzor told Izvestia that they do not keep separate statistics on restricting access to sites with the illegal sale of cars from abroad. At the same time since the beginning of the year a total of fraudulent sites have been removed and blocked the service reported. In the summer of compared to the same period last year the supply of cars imported from Japan increased by Igor Oleinikov an analyst at the Dome automotive website confirmed to Izvestiagot.

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According to him many firms are now importing cars for private individuals in Russia. Such cars as a rule are brought under a specific owner and these cars Business Lead do not get on ad sites. The supply of cars from Kazakhstan has grown over the past year as well as demand: however the best options have already been sold out Igor Oleinikov added. He noted that classifieds sites conduct a thorough check of auto sellers. There is a much greater chance of running into scammers in anonymous Telegram channels on websites and unknown forums about cars where there is no protection against scammers the expert emphasized. Izvestia sent a request to the press service of the Vatu portal.

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