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Offers to must be convince of the changes that digital transformation brings. New technologies must be adopt in a dynamic and motivating way. Which in turn will increase brand value, competitiveness and revenues. When it comes to digitally transforming an organization. Success comes through open, top-down discussions and collaboration. Smart digital technologies as well as basic ones are also the foundation of digital transformation. Technology transformation enables business transformation. To distinguish some of them, we have, for example, an ERP system, cloud computing, machine learning, AI (Artificial Intelligence), the Internet of Things or robotics and robotic process automation.

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The state of the digital economy The digital transformation of the economy was present in the KPMG report – “Business Digital Transformation Monitor” . So let’s see what the statistics look like. Awareness of the importance of introducing digital technologies, implementing Photo Retouching digital changes and the general idea of ​​a digital transformation initiative for business development exists in the minds of entrepreneurs. However, in Poland, for example, this does not translate into effects. In most areas of digital transformation, we are below the EU average. Only one in five companies in Poland has a digital transformation strategy, and over half of enterprises.

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Employ employees strictly to perform tasks in the area of ​​digital transformation. The results also show which enterprises are ready for digitalization, which technologies are the most common, what is the main area of ​​​​digitalization and what digital management systems are use by enterprises. Digital transformation – companies that follow a digitalization strategy Business Lead are most focus on the use of digital tools. However, % of survey enterprises in Poland do not have this strategy, and only % plan to create it in. Cloud computing – this is the most widespread digital technology among companies in Poland, while blockchain is the least frequently use technology that entrepreneurs do not even include in their plans.