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Buyer for one business, this is one who has not bought for a year, for another – for two months. It depends on many factors, including the scope and characteristics of the retailer. It is important not only to identify lost customers, but also to be able to identify them. Those. it is not enough just to know that 5% of loyal customers have moved into the “sleeping” segment over the past month, you need to know who these customers are in order to be able to unload them for further action. What decisions are made after churn is assessed? It is important to correctly interpret the results of the study and make informed decisions based on them. How to understand why customers leave and reduce their churn using a system analysis of customer data: Pet shop.

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CaseFor example, a company conducted an activity to reactivate customers, and then launched a promotion for this segment (coupons, discounts, etc.). Reactivated customers returned, started buying again. But after some time, they began to supplement the outflow segment Russia Mobile Number List and slowly flow away. To win back these buyers, you have to discount again, which lowers the margin. This is an ill-conceived business decision,” Marketing Director Anton Belchikov. Customer Intelligence enables companies to change the way they make data-driven decisions.

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Accurate data on each segment and the movement of customers in them in dynamics helps to find problem areas and build work with outflow. Stage 1. Working with Business Lead client data: defining what is a churn We decided that we need to build work based on client data, but how to do it? For these purposes,  decided to use the capabilities of the Customer Intelligence system, a Retail Rocket module that allows you to segment the audience based on a smart mathematical model, determine who a “loyal customer” or  gone customer.