Stories Using Facebook Business Suite

Can’t decide between photo and video? Motionleap offers the best of both worlds, animating static pictures to create dynamic ones. Add elements and overlays, then adjust the speed for customized movement.

Move the clouds in the sky, make hair blow in the wind like there’s a magic beyoncé wind machine, whatever you want! Magic! Add moving elements to still photos with user-friendly functionality. Control movement, direction, speed, and style. Sky replacement technology and ai water animation.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But what about a picture with words on it? Wordswag is one of the best instagram story apps for layering beautiful typographic elements atop your photos for a stand-out blend of photo and text.

Stories from Your Desktop or Laptop

If you’re looking for an app for instagram stories that makes your content stand out, look no further. Boosted lets you craft sleek videos (tutorials, q&as, whatever!) using eye-catching video templates. Plus, easily layer in text and music to really make your content pop.

Stylish video templates add branded filters, fonts, music, and colour combine multiple video clips. Access the getty images video clip library.
Add a little drama to your business database copy with this video text animator. Flip it, reverse it, speed it up, slow it down: just get those words moving. Plus, hype-type can automatically generate interesting and meaningful quotes to give context to your stories. Key features: combine multiple video clips or apply to single photo or video shots control of text placement a wide variety of font styles and animations

More Editing Options

When it comes to instagram stories, design matters. Between the brushes, the fonts, the design details, the collage templates and the stickers, a design kit might be your ultimate design toolkit. Its sister app, a color story, is a great companion if you’re looking for influencer-approved insta filters and effects. Key features: tons of fun custom stickers 60+ fonts and 200+ designs realistic Business Lead brushes to add texture and color bold background options like metallics and marble price: free, with paid premium features.
Seen comes from the makers of facetune, so you know it’s all about flawless presentation. Though the app has templates and stickers, the real highlight is the dramatic transitions. Images dissolve into one another,