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Decause personal communications take time

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Solution was made for each separately based on the company’s strategy. All tasks were also divided into short-term, which can be solved in the near future, which means almost immediately get the result, and long-term, which require a more serious approach or significant resources. Quick fixes include fixing technical issues with the website and checkout, or conducting competitive analysis on loyalty programs to make the bonus system more attractive, etc. And to global solutions: work with the availability of goods, over problems with delivery and pricing. If a company does not want to become a discounter and compete solely on price, then the reason.

Tatiana Valerian Starts Eva, head of Internet

The price did not suit you” can be solved with the help of a loyalty program or worked out through informing: talk about promotions and special offers, private labels and exclusive brands. The numbers help to understand how important it is to solve this or that problem, how Sri Lanka Mobile Number List much money the company loses from the fact that some tasks are not solved. And how much can get when the problem is fixed. How to understand why customers leave and reduce their churn using a system analysis of customer data: case “For example, the problem is “Out of stock”. Previously, we showed customers from Perm the availability only in Perm.

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We decided to give them the opportunity to see the availability in the warehouses of Moscow and St. Petersburg. These products will take longer to deliver (and we talk about it, show the delivery date), but the customer will still be able to order them. This Business Lead task was set before, but after we found out that 21% of clients, i.e. every 5th client who leaves us considers this a problem, we have increased the priority of the task in IT,” Anton Belchikov, Marketing Director, Poll results Stage 4. Making the work systemic To control churn, it is important not only to conduct research and identify the cause.

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