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Target exactly what customers want

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Valuable content… worthless if it’s not smart We all know that the contents that perform better and are more able to attract leads are those that are closest to the characteristics and nest of the users who use them. The contents must in fact be: and ne Target what Optimize to appear at the right time in the right way Always on and up to date Useful and valuable for those who use it
It goes without saying that not all the contents we produce can be equally useful and valuable for all the audience we address.

But how can this be done

An e-book, a blog article, an e-mail can have language and content suitable for a prospect who may be approaching the company for the first time, but the same could be unsuitable for an already old and loyal customer .

This is why it would always be appropriate Sweden Phone Number List and recommend to create ad hoc content and specific communication for each cluster of customers/prospects the company wants to address.

The more the audience is segment. the more Target what effective the communication will be and the more likely the conversion will be. without necessarily creating myriads of different call-to-actions, emails, landing pages, pop-ups?

Getting smart with smart content

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HubSpot provides smart content , “intelligent modules” that change according to who uses them. To be personalize and smart can be, precisely, call-to-action, pop-up, landing page or e-mail.

As also mention by Mike K. Tatum, Director of Business Lead Marketing at Athletic Greens and previously Demand Generation Target what Manager at SurveyMonkey, during his speech “” held at HubSpot’s Inbound22 event , smart content is a very powerful marketing that is too often underestimat .



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