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But today, in an email newsletter, you can use all the main options for filling fields – checkboxes, radio buttons, a drop-down list and a text field help to find out the answers to any questions of interest. Three surveys were developed for KotoPhoto, aimed at different segments: For beginners — an acquaintance survey in order to find out the basic parameters for segmenting and personalizing mailings: name, gender, birthday, city; For active buyers – a survey by interest in order to obtain information about topics and categories of interest to customers, the desired frequency of mailing; For the ” sleeping ” segment – a survey about the reasons for.

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The loss of interest in the mailing list and the online store. Additional information obtained through surveys is used to: strategy adjustments (for example, mailing frequency); mailing segmentation – segmenting by interest and / or sending related products to customers who have Finland Mobile Number List recently made a purchase; personalization of individual elements of letters – for example, addressing by name in the text. Subscriber Poll We help to save and use bonus points Recipients of the “KotoPhoto” mailing lists can purchase products more profitable than other customers.

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Firstly authorized subscribers have access to lower prices by default, and secondly, members of the loyalty program can take advantage of special bonuses for purchasing goods. To integrate the elements of the program into the email strategy, Retail Rocket marketers Business Lead improved the mailing template and added automated scripts for members of the bonus program. The balance of each subscriber is shown right in the letter – you no longer need to go to your personal account to find out how many points are on the account. Those who have not yet joined the bonus program are invited to participate. Bonus balance Now shopping is not only spending, but also savings. And the subscriber clearly sees this in the letter, where the product.

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