Furthermore, this technology will

A prime example: segmenting and personalizing landing pages. Segmentation is the basis of interaction with customers and consumers However, it is not always done properly. Only by dividing users upstream based above all on their interests Furthermore  will will it be possible to guide them , with adequate workflows, towards our products and services.   As far as landing pages are concerned, however, A/B tests are now obsolete. It is AI that helps us by giving us the elements we need to modify CTAs, copy and designs that can convert more. 

Artificial Intelligence software on the market

In short, everything changes, but we must be ready to embrace this change. As? Overcoming AI Anxiety . In fact, Dale tells us that this anxiety passes if we insert AI into the tools we usually use, especially since there are several . not replace our work , but it Austria Phone Number List will support it and make it capable of Furthermore  will making us focus on various other aspects of our relationship with customers and consumers. Ultimately, change must start from the bottom up. It will never be a CEO or AD to tell us to use it. We will be the ones to highlight the results that will surely come. 

Intelligence in your marketing projects without fear

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Dear Marketers, artificial intelligence is not that far from our work, indeed! It could give us a valid help: we just need to embrace this revolution which, to be honest, has already Business Lead begun for some years.

In summary, these are the words of “comfort” that Dale Bertrand, President of Fire&Spark , pronounced on the occasion Furthermore  will of Inbound 2022, the hybrid event that took place in Boston some time ago. His speech impressed me deeply and I would like to bring you the main focuses he explored in his speech.