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As An Internet Marketer, You Must Tell Fear

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Trademark among visitors to the SberMarket online platform, Danone decided to conduct a marketing campaign. Since the number of orders directly depends on the correct targeting and the number of views of the product by interested users, it is necessary to carefully approach the audience segmentation process in order to ensure the maximum conversion of potential buyers. The artificial intelligence that underlies the solutions of the Retail Rocket platform helps with this. It takes into account the interests and behavior of each client, the history of purchases and search queries, uses predictive analytics technologies and, based on this data, offers suitable products at all stages of the Customer Journey.

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At the same time, the brand can set up the display of recommendations for certain products of its range (new items, discounted products, etc.) in widgets and select a priority audience segment. For example, those who: regularly buys in product groups that are Cameroon Mobile Number List complimentary to the brand; never bought goods in a product group; interested in products in a brand-relevant product group; enters in the internal search on the site keywords that are relevant for the brand’s products. Danone selected an audience interested in relevant product categories as relevant targeting.

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Depending on the interests of each client, goods from suitable categories were recommended to him: those who are interested in milk were shown Prostokvashino brand milk, those who choose cottage cheese were offered Prostokvashino cottage cheese, or Prostok Business Lead vashino dairy products in general for those who who are interested in several subcategories at once. This helps to recruit new customers, increase brand awareness and increase LTV. Sponsorship placement blocks were located on the following pages: On the main page we meet with recommendations of brand products from different categories, taking into account the interests of the client The role of the storefront.

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