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Recommendations That the Authorities Have

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Even if the experience of emptiness were nothing more than a deception. it would be worth trying. What he proposes. what he tries. is to ruce life and death to nothing. and this with the sole purpose of making them bearable for us. That the Authorities. If he sometimes succes. what more can we wish for? Without it. there is no remy for the disability of the being. nor hope of reintegration. even if [only] for brief moments. to the sweetness of before birth. to the light of pure interiority. (Cioran. 2012. p. 72). The fateful demiurge. by EM Cioran From “Strangl Thoughts”. aphorisms of exemplary concision. a sort of stiletto sting on the skin. which discuss diverse themes with singular acuity.

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I highlight some of those that I found particularly disturbing. and before which I stopp in the middle of their reading to ruminate on them with slow delight. Here. one that refers to a topic that involves man as such because it constitutes the ultimate limit to which the human creature will appear in an indefinite period. but already agre upon in business lead advance. to be cross only once. without any possibility of return or remption: «Death is the aroma of existence. Only she gives pleasure to the moments. only she combats the insipidity of it. We owe him almost everything. Here. another one in which Cioran returns to the theme that gave the title to one of his most emblematic works .

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On the Inconvenience of Being Born . There is only one evil greater than death: it is birth. Defiling interruption of nothingness. of that majestic non-being. august and secretly long for primordial denial. that which for Cioran is something like the true lost paradise: «That the Authorities The miocrity of my regret Business Lead at funerals. Impossible to feel sorry for the deceas; Conversely. every birth precipitates me into consternation. Not only It is incomprehensible. it is senseless that you can show a baby. that this virtual disaster is exhibit and that one can be happy about it. (pp. 86-87). Let’s look at some more. as brief as they are overwhelming. and a concise catalog of the Romanian writer’s obsessions.

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