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OF the number of such projects in the domestic

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OF implementing a Russian solution to protect communication. channels simultaneously in several districts of the Russian Feeration in less than one month of work. Oleg Slyadnikov (Interprokom): Until recently customers were not ready to completely abandon existing foreign. software for various reasons: investments in legacy systems unique functionality. a large number of application solutions that require a complex development and migration process. The situation has change in just a month. Now from the I want or don’t want stage customers have been force to move to the vitally necessary stage. As part of import substitution we provide both basic and advance. technical support to our customers compensating vendors’ services as much as possible.

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We also offer cloud services from a domestic data center for organizing. effective teamwork in the office and remotely. We continue to build technological cooperation with. Specialize Russian manufacturers of hardware and software systems. We carry out their testing and Henan Mobile Phone Number List debugging in order to provide. our clients with the most painless integration into the IT infrastructure. we quickly build up competencies for the update portfolio of solutions. We take part in expert IT communities cooperate with. ISP RAS in the creation of the Trustee. Artificial Intelligence Research Center as an industrial partner. A number of IT products create by Interprocom are include in the.

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Register of Russian Software including AXIOM – an ERP-level solution for managing. corporate assets Digital Office VOLNA for online interaction with. the possibility of video conferencing Regattascope for tracking and sailing analysts. In particular the unique Business Lead experience of implementing foreign platforms and increasing. The functionality of their own AXIOM solution allow. Interprocom specialists to conduct a number of large projects in state corporations. on import substitution of IBM Maximo and Tririga software for managing critical assets of enterprises. ICT-Onlineu: What are your forecasts regarding the dynamics.

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