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The effect of eating late at night August

Try to change our schedule and try to work with the family to eat as early as possible. We will be amazed at the quality of our sleep when we start eating earlier.

Avoid caffeine consumption in the evening Don’t underestimate the stimulating effects of caffeine like tea and coffee on the human nervous system. Although the tolerance of the effects of caffeine varies from person to person, it is better to avoid it in the evening or choose an herbal drink.

I know this may be difficult to do in a traditional family setting where

Tea and coffee are always drunk after Whatsapp Mobile Number List dinner. But if we value our sleep time, we will replace caffeine consumption at night with water or non-caffeinated drinks.

Avoid device screens before bed. Using a tablet or computer in the evening will interfere with the production of melatonin in the body. Melatonin is the main chemical in the brain that helps us sleep. This is not a process we want to disrupt.

Two hours of using a smartphone at maximum screen brightness is enough to prevent the normal secretion of melatonin in the human body, a major hormone for the human body’s time or circadian system. Melatonin will tell your body that ‘it’s night’, then help you sleep.

Just close our phone or put it on silent mode Insyaa Allah it will have a very big impact

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Read a little before bed Reading light material Business Lead before bed helps to stimulate the imagination, calm the mind and allow us to fall asleep faster.

I suggest that we read inspirational books such as motivational books, sirah, tafsir or any book that can close our day on a positive note. Do not use a smartphone to read. Use physical books 6. Write a journal Many ideas will come when we write a journal.

With a small notebook and a pen, write down ideas and explore our emotions. Think about a day, a week, or a lifetime. Start a gratitude journal and remember God’s favors on us. Anything that comes to mind is possible.

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