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The enormous potential of smart content

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The more the audience is segment the more effective the communication will be and the more likely the conversion will be. But how can this be done without necessarily creating myriads of different call-to-actions, email.

landing pages, pop-ups?  HubSpot provides smart content , “intelligent modules” that change according to who uses them. To be personalize and smart can be, precisely, call-to-action, pop-up, landing page or e-mail.  As also mention  by Mike K. Tatum, Director of Marketing at Athletic Greens and previously Demand Generation Manager at.

You have already enjoy that content

SurveyMonkey, during his speech “Getting smart with smart content” held at HubSpot’s Inbound22 event , smart content is a very powerful marketing that is too often underestimat . 

To help you better understand the potential of this simple but effective tool, imagine you are browsing a website and a pop-up of an e-book to download appears. You find it interesting Poland Phone Number List and you download it. A few days later, after reading the content you just download. you go back to the website to look for,

some more information and the exact same pop-up appears. What do you do? You close it, of course. , there is no ne for it to appear again. Imagine then returning to that site several times, the pop-up becomes almost – and definitely – annoying. 

Therefore it is easy to understand how

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Yes, because the clusters to which to address different communications and on which to build smart content can be built using HubSpot lists which, as we know, allow you to target the database by filtering the many contact properties. 

 detail and precise these targeting can be and how Business Lead  much communications can actually be tailor to those who use them. 

But be careful not to become creepy ! Mike K. Tatum at HubSpot’s Inbound22 event also point out that sending an email saying “Hey, we know you visit this page yesterday…” would not be a good idea at all. 


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