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ONEe of our solutions for the first time

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Whole of February about DDoS attacks were recorde on banks in Russia since the beginning of March – already about RBC reporte citing Yegor Valov head of the WAF and Anti-DDoS direction at Rostelecom-Solar. Mass hacks Many Russian companies turne out to be completely unprepare for an increase in the number of cyber attacks says Alexander Lyamin founder and CEO of Qrator Labs. According to him now the company is working out thousands of incidents relate to DDoS attacks every day and their number is only growing. Almost all companies that turn to Positive Technologies for licenses consultations and incident investigations are under attack says Voronova.

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First of all we are talking about DDoS attacks since they are the easiest to organize and do not require special expertise from the attacker she explaine. Group-IB sees a similar picture a company representative told Forbes: organizations from the financial and industrial Italy Phone Numbers List sectors telecom retail and logistics are intereste in integrate systems for preventing targete attacks and protecting their sites from DDoS. Attackers attack literally everything in a row of an organization focusing strictly on Russian IP addresses and judging by their behavior during the attack sometimes.

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They have no idea at all whose resources they came across Voronova from Positive Technologies said. The main task of hackers is to create a flurry of attacks in the hope that at least some of them will be successful and have a destructive impact on the infrastructure Business Lead of Russian companies she said. First of all state bodies and organizations with public applications — banks and retailers — suffer from DDoS attacks says Volchkov from Jet Infosystems. Controversial Alternative Everything is shaky and nervous because it is possible to replace the missing foreign solutions but no one knows how they will work says a source at a Russian cybersecurity company. According to him Russian.

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