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The main B2B KPIs for each phase of the lifecycle stage

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For example, CTR or CPC may be relevant KPIs for evaluating the effectiveness of an ad but, if disconnectefrom the quality of the leads generat they will give us only a partial view of reality by suggesting a potentially wrong direction. In this article, we’ll provide a list of some of the key KPIs to monitor at each stage of a lead’s lifecycle, from the moment it lands on our website to the end of the sales funnel.

From visitor to lead (lead generation KPI)

The positioning of the website among the first results of the main search engines and a good and constant social activity are two of the various causes Bahamas Phone Number List that contribute to increasing traffic on our website, which must be expertly design with precise funnel marketing logics that favor and increase the conversion rate of the same, thus maximizing the investments made.

The two lead generation KPIs to monitor in order to evaluate the overall performance of our activities are the number of contacts generat per month and the site’s conversion rate , i.e. the number of leads on the number of visitors for each month.

Regardless of the positive or negative

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When it comes to lead generation KPIs in the B2B context, one of the main considerations to make is: of all the leads generat, how many of them are commercially interesting for the products we sell? With whom will you want to strengthen Business Lead relations by investing in the relationship?

At the same time however, as has been said, in order to be able to make more precise assessments, we must not forget to take into consideration the reference context.

performance of the conversion rate or the number of leads generat per month, it will therefore be necessary to observe all the KPIs that can help us better understand the real data.

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