The quality of the preliminary analysis

optimizing times and processes, allows us to support him adequately. According to a McKinsey analysis that frames the changes that have occurred during the pandemic as permanent, 90% of respondents to a survey say they want to maintain digital sales approaches and strategies in 2022 and beyond. This implies considering and knowing how to evaluate the costs for lead generation even in the long run, which until now had not been addressed in the slightest.monitoring and data-driven decision-making . Even a project planned and executed with extreme care and competence must be recalibrated according to the performance it achieves over time.

 Determine the timing of the first results 

Let’s go back to the times: although many companies expect immediate results following lead generation consultancy, content publication and the Cameroon Phone Number List simultaneous activation of the marketing automation engine, inbound projects do not have rapid timing . They are gradual and progressive. Their results, in terms of time and ROI, depend on many factors, including:  

 and inbound marketing strategy . It is a fundamental step, since an error in this respect almost certainly determines the creation of non-target leads, and therefore of little value for the purpose of creating commercial opportunities. 

Continuous performance

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Therefore, the work on the buyer personas is fundamental, the strategic definition of the channels to focus on, whether they are proprietary or third-party, free or paid (ads). In this regard, it is essential to rely on authoritative studies and analyses , so as to understand the latest market trends that can affect the strategy.

The value of the contents , which arise to Business Lead intercept the needs and pains of the buyer personas previously identified. An unengaging title or a development not addressed to the expected professional figures lengthens the times of the first results and, sometimes, prevents them from arriving.

 It therefore takes analytical skills and the right flexibility to adapt the strategy to the inputs coming from the field.



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