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To integrate the elements of the program into the email strategy, Retail Rocket marketers improved the mailing template and added automated scripts for members of the bonus program. The balance of each subscriber is shown right in the letter – you no longer need to go to your personal account to find out how many points are on the account. Those who have not yet joined the bonus program are invited to participate. Bonus balance Now shopping is not only spending, but also savings. And the subscriber clearly sees this in the letter, where the product cards display the amount of points that the client will receive for the order. Bonus points It’s nice to earn points, but spending them on bargain purchases is even nicer.

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When a subscriber’s account accumulates enough points, an automated email is sent to remind them that the points may burn out and now is the best time to spend them. And for those who are still on the path to wealth, the scenario with personal product recommendations and tips Venezuela Mobile Number List on how to accumulate points as quickly as possible is gone. Accumulated points We return “sleeping” customers to the site In the highly competitive e-commerce industry, customer retention costs about seven times less than customer acquisition. But the life cycle of each subscriber can.

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lead him to a zone of loss, where loyalty to the store decreases, and there is a risk that the client may stop shopping at any time. In order to return the interest in the mailing list to “sleeping” subscribers, Retail Rocket marketers have developed a script for a Business Lead reactivation letter, which is received by customers who do not open mailing lists from the store for more than three months. Such a scenario has two main goals : to return subscribers who are in the loss zone to communication with the online store, and to cut off the “dead” part of the base, which is no longer interested in mailing.

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