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IT is on its network that most of the shadow

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Else namely a team create by one of the leading analysts of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. In when Russia receive the first sanctions from the world due to the annexation of Crimea. We are provide with information about which goods will significantly rise in price in the near future. We buy these goods in wagons to the warehouse wait a few weeks. And when the price rises we sell with a two- or three-fold mark-up reads the description of the team. In addition the scammers refer to reviews left by non-existent users on a fake site imitating Yandexarket. Legal entity in the dirt Igor Sergienko separately note that for greater persuasiveness the sellers of paper issue invoices on behalf of operating companies such as LLC.

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IN this case the victim may be confuse only by the fact that the companies represente are not relate to the stationery trade. However for this a potential client of scammers must conduct at least an elementary but still verification of a partner. It is not difficult to register USA Phone Number List a fictitious legal entity for a figurehead. Dozens of fraud scenarios are tie to such legal entities in particular a false partnership. In addition to registering legal entities you can buy ready-made. There are thousands of offers on the black market for the sale of firms with all documents and bank accounts.

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Have requirements regarding due diligence and verification

OUr ETHIC service has a module that monitors such offers the expert explaine. Lead Analyst of the Digital Risk Protection Group-IB Department Evgeny Egorov also note that the fact of invoicing from a legal entity is not a % security guarantee. You should Business Lead especially not trust such an argument when it comes to large transactions. There are a lot of options for how attackers get paid. Registration of legal entities is one of them. It is not easy but on the Internet you can find offers to sell organizations in order to carry out fraudulent transactions on their behalf he said.

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