The steps for the development of a Buyer Personas

Buyer personas are certainly the basis for developing a correct marketing strategy. This is because it is absolutely necessary to establish in advance who the actors you want to involve will be , so as to optimize the creation of content that will not only be appealing from an aesthetic point of view but, above all, in line with the figures you intend to address.

the players operating on the company’s reference market without distinction. On the other hand, messages should only be address to subjects who have certain characteristics (role, age, sector of the company in which they work, etc.) and specific interests and behaviors.

In fact, the goal cannot be to hit all

So how can you determine who is the right target of corporate content? To correctly define the figures to be intercept. the Buyer Personas come to our aid.

real personifications of the reference user to UAE Phone Number List whom advertising messages are to be address. In other words, it is a representation , however hypothetical and generic, of the company’s ideal customer , from which we will start to define the potential buyers of our products and services.

A celebrity buyer persona

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In 1942 in via Rattazzi in Alba, in Piedmont, a man opened a laboratory for sweets where he mainly exploited hazelnuts for the preparation of his delicacies as they were particularly abundant in that period (the middle of the Second World War) and at a sufficiently low cost.

The pastry shop, which today has 78 consolidated Business Lead companies worldwide, 22 factories and distribution in over 160 countries, is the daughter of Pietro Ferrero.

from whom the main company took its name, Ferrero precisely. Mr. Peter’s secret? La Valeria , figurative transposition of the mother who does the shopping, the grandmother.

the aunt, the consumer who can establish in a single moment whether your product will become famous in the world or will fall into oblivion. In short words,the buyer persona of Ferrero .