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A Multiple Increase In Their Number

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But increases it. Nevertheless as Anna Bogdanova head of the SOC direction of the Jet Infosystems information security center noted the number of SOAR implementation projects is growing year by year. And with a severe shortage of personnel the use of a service model which is also increasingly in demand will help. At the same time the request for such projects according to the head of the Security Vision execution department Roman Ovchinnikov comes from below. But before the implementation of SOAR in his opinion it is necessary to achieve a fairly high level of maturity. According to Nikolai Klimov in order for SOAR to fully work a builtin incident management process is needed. Also it is generally agreed that SOAR inevitably has to be customized to the requirements of the customer. Right out of the box such a system is unlikely to work in full. As a result the project will last several months.

Few Months According To Rvision Soar

The economics of information security projects in the unanimous opinion of all participants in the discussion is a difficult task. However in the case of SOAR it is quite easy to prove the effectiveness of its implementation. It can be calculated based on the absence of the need to Jordan Mobile Number List hire new employees who are becoming increasingly difficult to find and their wage requirements are increasing. No less important as Danil Borodavkin noted is the reduction in response time.

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Product Manager Danil Borodavkin Soar

He recalled that it usually takes about minutes from receiving a phishing email to the start of ransomware infection and during this time SOC operators very Business Lead rarely manage to prevent an attack while SOAR can stop such an incident. Relevant solutions from Russian and international companies were presented almost simultaneously. During this time Russian products have acquired functions that are not available in foreign products but are in demand among domestic customers.

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