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Offs available for research . Secondly the qualifications of researchers are not limited in terms of competencies and level of expertise unlike a hired team of pentesters. I’m not saying that Bug Bounty is better than classical penetration tests pentests there are decent teams of pentesters on our market who can show firstclass results in a short time. But the differences in approach are clear. Finally you can set the amount of reward for found vulnerabilities of different severity levels. And if in the case of the same pentest you pay a fixed price under the contract then in Bug Bounty you pay only for found and confirmed vulnerabilities. Of course resources are  of requests and to confirm the presence of a vulnerability but with a high level of information security maturity in.

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WHEN IS A BUG BOUNTY REALLY NEEDED? Despite these advantages a representative of Angara Security cannot call Bug Bounty a silver bullet: three good pentests. But I repeat with sufficient maturity of information security processes this can be a good complementary solution in Lebanon Mobile Number List terms of increasing the level of information security in the company. If in the case of pentest you pay a fixed price under the contract then in Bug Bounty you pay only for found and confirmed vulnerabilities A somewhat similar opinion was expressed by Alexei Antonio.

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Managing Partner of Swordfish Security: Bug bounty as a whole approach to securing applications and infrastructure has always been quite controversial. After all what is it in fact? The organization places for example some application on a special site for BB attracts Business Lead specialists to search for vulnerabilities for a fee. Thus there is some platform on which hackers are docked with companies i. some exchange. She is responsible for raising the rating of organizations that involve the information security community in.

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