Them at an affordable price but little by little

Them at an affordable price but little by little we realiz that. This was not the only way to express ourselves. From shoes to soy sauce that was when we start selling supplies for oriental food. Now that we are at home one way to express ourselves on social networks is through food what we cook what we eat. Cooking is also fashion. Many years of providing immiacy to clients service e-lockers and no one knew what we did. And suddenly we enter the food supplies category and everyone found out traffic has tripl conversion has increas immensely and although.

Turn a return into a successful sale

The majority still see us as a footwear brand now with this platform and food. Products sales have increas significantly. What start as an experiment has turn out so well that we creat platanitos foods. Lock in and in this hyperconnection people look mobile app designs service for entertainment and shopping. We launch lifestream a platform that allows two people to interact and buy at the same time. This has a sea of ​​possibilities can you imagine this platform in the hands of an influencer to promote fashion products that he likes or a chef doing a cooking show to teach how to prepare a typical dish from any country and with a single click you can buy.

What is experiential marketing 

All the ingrients of the recipe at platanitos we do not see e-commerce as pure e-commerce we see everything as a single channel because when you want to buy something you do not think about online or offline. Users mix all channels. When the quarantine Business Lead ends all the channels will be useful but in a different way. There will be things that will change and others will remain the same this is a unique moment for everyone companies large and small and we must take advantage of it.