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MLM Leads – How to Choose Them How to

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Theory and practice do not always intersect. Of coursethere are personnel problems in terms of managers with experience and understanding “but what will the stated requirements change The question is rhetoricalsaid Yakov Stavrinovcommercial director of IT-Task The emergence of new requirements for managers responsible for ensuring information security is timely. The events of this spring provoked a sharp increase in cyber attacks in our countryand the risks must be leveledincluding through such measures. And it’s good that the state is trying to standardize the profiles of leaders. TrueI would not limit the circle of potential candidates by their education.

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It is much more important for such specialists to have experience in the industry understanding the threat model and protection methods business specific sand of courseexperience in managing large and small teams. It often happens that pros in information security Switzerland Phone Numbers List enter the field either without any higher education or with diplomas from liberal arts universities. This is important to consider. The second point that draws attention to itself is the section on the personal responsibility of the leader for the successes and failures of his unit. It seems to me that this has been very lacking in the work of state enterprises lately. After allthe lack of personal responsibility.

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Ieads both managers and their subordinates to lack of initiative and unwillingness to improve processes and solve problemsAnton BasharinCTO of Swordfish Securityexpressed his opinion. This initiative can only be assessed positively. Todaymore than everit is important to eliminate any weaknesses when protecting organizations of various sizes and profiles. The number Business Lead of cybersecurity threats has grown significantly in recent monthsbecause of the sanctionsthe country was left without many of the usual IT solutionsincluding those for providing cybersecurity. I agree with all the points on the list. The only thing is that it would be nice to extend these requirements to all IS employees associated with CIIand also add not only the mandatory conditions for basic.

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