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Demand for more complex products such as virtualization systems.  (desktops and applications) data storage systems and servers in particular for the Soft line Computers server line which is listed in the register of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Off the Russian Federation and is suitable for implementation. projects in the field of import substitution. Business Development Manager of Angara Security Anna Mikhailova: Projects for the implementation of Russian solutions do not differ fundamentally from other projects in this area. Large projects are always associated with certain difficulties. These may be issues of geo-distributed implementations. OR difficulties of cross-platform integrations.

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To optimally overcome emerging difficulties it is better to have accumulated experience in working with solutions since not.  All implementation nuances are described in the documentation. In addition migration projects from one technical tool to Changsha Mobile Phone Number List another are not linear: somewhere the functionality is reformatted and somewhere the architecture changes completely. Ideally when carrying out such a project you have expertise in both the replacement solution and the replacement one. Oleg Slyadnikov IT Director of Interprocom: In my experience until recently import substitution projects were characterized by slowness at all stages: from the.

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Choice of a solution and platforms to the timing of implementation. Foreign software and hardware systems worked and were not just available but actively promoted by foreign vendors. Russian suppliers had more modest budgets and. It was difficult for them to Business Lead compete with the world’s giants. We observed the growth of enthusiasm for import substitution mainly in.  State-owned enterprises and organizations as the requirements from the government become more stringent. Commercial enterprises have largely ignored this topic. Nevertheless the trend was obvious and grew along with the strengthening of foreign sanctions. The government developed support measures and the Register of Russian software was replenished with domestic developments. It was this trend that more than.

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