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These alternative payment options offer similar

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Levels of security and some have additional benefits such as faster processing times lower fees or greater privacy. In any case the choice of payment methods is a matter of personal. Preference and what is most comfortable for each player. The Labor Inspection rejects the latest offer from the Public Service and announces that they will intensify. The strikesIn the last six months the. Labor Inspection has staged three days of general strike and since this month. May partial strikes have been held every day . This week the platform formed by and has held up to three meetings.

Ministry of Labor but the conflict

Remains unresolved. Not only is the Ministry of Labor involved in this strike led by Second Vice President Yolanda. Díaz  but it also affects the Ministry of Finance and Public. Administration María Jesús Montero. This union platform reached an agreement with Labor in. July  to strengthen the Social Security Labor Inspection ITSS which became the Whatsapp Number List Strategic Plan of the Labor and Social Security Inspection – approved by the. Government at the end of that year but has not yet been implemented. In this situation and given the lack of certainty that the agreement signed.

July to improve the conditions

This group will go forward the conveners continue to maintain the request for the resignation of Vice President Díaz  who has been absent from the conflict in the last two years. However this conflict between labor inspectors and the Government took a new turn this Thursday . In recent days the position of the Ministry of Labor has changed radically. From the most absolute Business Lead silence in the last year to a month ago pointing out to the inspection platform that a new agreement with the Public Service was being negotiated  which has generated new strikes by this group.

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