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Tips for doing ecommerce analytics

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That is, a representation of the actions performby a computer mouse. This document allows you to understand where people direct their attention to carry out a concrete action. For example , visiting a landing page or sending an email. Tap maps relating to how users act on smartphones and tablets are also insert into the click results. Scroll maps are those that allow you to identify where people stop in relation to the length of the web page and what percentage of users go above the fold . click heatmap A heat map of Hotjar clicks. Movement maps , on the other hand, identify the points – identifi with the classic hot/cold color gradation – where a cursor is position following a movement.

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Often, together with the different types of heatmaps we also have recordings of user sessions. This feature creates videos of the activities perform by people using web pages . All the documents, from the various heat maps to the videos of the sessions, contribute to forming that corpus of data that a good data analyst must interpret to guide UI optimization. 4 tools to create heat maps To create the best heatmaps for your goal (observing audience behavior on your website) you cannot avoid considering and evaluating a series Latest database  of tools dicat to this job. In most cases we are talking about professional tools that offer free solutions but only perform best if all the functions are exploit . Even the paid ones.

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So, what are the best online programs and applications ideal for creating heat maps of your website? Hotjar This is certainly one of the fundamental tools for creating heatmaps . It offers an excellent free trial to start working with the first heat maps and allows you to create a complete analysis plan simply by inserting the tracking code into the portal to be monitor. hotjar A screenshot of Hotjar. In reality, the strength of this tool, in addition to the extreme Business Lead  simplicity with which you can obtain the feback you ne, is that of bringing together different tools in a single suite to find out the public’s opinion.

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