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Control group According to the results of the test recommendations of related products from categories other than the category of the product being viewed in the shopping cart of the Zarina.ru online store Cars are thickening: Russians are being massively deceived with driving cars from abroad Cars are thickening: Russians are being massively deceived with driving cars from abroad Attackers are massively attacking Russians offering to overtake cars from Japan China and Kazakhstan. In July-August more than fraudulent sites on this topic were recorded on the Internet and the number of attacks on clients using such a legend increased four to five times compared to the beginning of the year.

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This was reported to Izvestia in Tinkoff the activation of the fraud scheme was confirmed by experts from other large banks and cybersecurity companies. They explained: due to problems China Mobile Number List with the delivery of cars from the EU and the favorable rates of the yen and tinge against the ruble Russians are looking for new opportunities to purchase a vehicle. In recent months the demand for cars from these countries has grown significantly. Without a single car Fraudsters began to create fake websites groups on social networks and channels in instant messengers which allegedly specialize in the selection purchase and customs clearance of cars from abroad.

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This was announced to Investee at the Tin off Center for Ecosystem Security. The bank explained that users are persuaded to transfer an advance payment for the delivery of a car from Japan Kazakhstan or China after which the criminals stop communicating and the client is blocked. According to the Tinkoff Protection platform in July-August more than fraudulent pages Business Lead on such topics were recorded on the Internet. The number of attacks contacts between intruders and the client under the scheme with the transfer and customs clearance of cars has increased four to five times since the beginning of the year the bank calculated without naming the absolute number of fraud attempts. The “average check of the stolen amount amounted to thousand rubles.

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