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To do this you  Read on to learn more! Content Hide Step 2 Calculate the total addressable market 2 Step 2 Analyze the target market 3 Step 3 Segment the market into target audiences 4 Step 4 Select customers Step 5 Estimate the potential reach of the target audience 6 Step 6 Estimate the target audience Scale Step 7 Use the value theory approach Step 8 Calculate your market share Step 9 Consider other factors Step 2 Conclusion Step 1 Calculate the total addressable market There are four ways to calculate the top-down approach, the bottom-up approach, value theory and Refer to external research.

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Common and involves estimating market size, total investment size, competition, expect growth and market potential. This method is typically us when starting a business without prior sales or South Korea Phone Number List pricing data. The bottom-up approach is bas on past sales and pricing data. It first estimates the market size and then calculates the addressable market by dividing the estimat market size by the current market penetration. is the total number of potential customers your product or service can serve. The value theory approach uses value chain analysis to estimate the value of a product or service from the customer’s perspective. This theory takes into account customer demand preferences and market entry barriers. External research is another method of estimating market size.

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At similar businesses or industries to understand the size and scope of the market. Step 2 Analyze the target market In order to estimate the size of your startup’s target. Market you must first analyze the size of Spain Whatsapp Number your target market and customer base. A about your competitors and target customer segments. This data can be found in many places including market research reports, customer surveys, social mia analysis, and more. After gathering this information you can use it to create charts, graphs and reports to help you estimate the size of your startup’s target market.