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DESIGN THERE ARE NO DEFIN RULES, THERE ARE NO RESTRICTIONS. RESEARCH IS KEY. When placing texts, one possibility is to place a white or black background to neutralize the colorful background. We only have a series of recommendations that, after analysis, we can implement in our project to guarantee success. LIST OF FACTORS THAT WE MUST CONSIDER IN WEB DESIGN Attractive websites are not always the most effective because just because something is visually pleasing does not mean it is useful or functional. Next, we will comment on some factors: ORDER AND HIERARCHICAL SENSE The organization of content is vital  for effective web design. If it is logical, the brain assimilates it in a friendly way; If it is not, a conflict is generat that disturbs and frustrates us and generates rejection that translates into

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xprobability that they will close the page and not have the confidence to continue browsing. The company must show on its website what the client nes and adapt it to different platforms to ensure that visitors follow the route of interest to the business , whether to subscribe to the page, to share content, to buy the product. product or contract the service, etc. IT IS BETTER TO HAVE A SIMPLE, PRODUCTIVE AND RESPONSIVE WEBSITE THAN TO LOSE HUNDRS OF CUSTOMERS. And it is essential to know that the user experience with web design is important at all times.  Business Email List When users are offer what they need, the company is able to anticipate their requirements and generate a positive connection with them. The sensations and emotions that the web design generates in the user will determine the success or failure of the

Potential buyers or service contractors will always seek to

Business Email list

company. Potential buyers or service contractors will always seek to obtain the information they ne to ensure the quality of what the company offers compar to the competition and thus take the risk of hiring the services or purchasing the product. device interfaceThe digital user, especially digital natives, does not have much time to navigate Business Lead  each website, so the website must load and work quickly on any device, with logical navigation and a web design in line with the brand so that the person Those who enter for the first time are convinc of what the

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