Taxation Commitment to paying taxes

Citizenship can be defin as the legal relationship between an individual and the state. Citizens are entitl to enjoy the rights and protections provid by the state and assume obligations to the state and society. Civil rights include, for example, freom rights such as freom of speech, freom of religion, freom of association and the right to associate. Civil rights such as the right to obtain information, personal property rights, etc. Political rights such as the right to vote and the right to participate in the political process. Social and economic rights such as health rights, ucation rights, social security rights, etc. Equal Rights The right to equal opportunity and non-discrimination.

As for the obligations of citizens

They include abiding by the law and complying with the current laws and Germany WhatsApp Number List regulations of the country. Defend the Nation Provides support and defense of the Nation when necessary. Civic Participation Effective participation in civic and political life.  and citizens’ obligation to finance public services. Protect the environment and the rights of others. Care about the rights of others and contribute to the protection of the environment and society. Citizenship in a nutshell refers to the interplay of rights and obligations between an individual and the country to which he or she belongs. Components of Citizenship Components of citizenship are the elements or aspects that form the basis for an individual’s effective participation in the social and political life of his or her country. Following are some of the major components of citizenship Education Citizenship Education Understands issues relat to civic life and the political process.

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Moral ucation develops values ​​and ethics

That contribute to the understanding and application of effective citizenship. Political UK Telegram Number List Participation Voting Rights and Participation Understand and participate in the electoral process. Participation in everyday political life activates the role of citizens in decision-making and participation in public discussions. Social interaction Tolerance and respect for diversity Understand the values ​​of diversity and respect others. Participate in Community Initiatives Participate in events and projects that benefit the community.