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Sbout the store Another opportunity to understand

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Exceeding expectations. Solution: Constantly work on a retention strategy and increase customer loyalty; Measure key customer service quality indicators, including the NPS (Net Promoter Score) index; Monitor the promptness of responses to incoming customer requests, using this data to optimize internal processes. Case “Red Pencil”. Conducting NPS surveys Evaluation of customer satisfaction and loyalty will allow you to always be aware of what shop customers like and what, in their opinion, needs improvement. The NPS index allows you to assess the level of customer satisfaction after interacting with the company, and this is exactly the kind of mailing.

What buyers think is wrong with your store

That buyers of the Red Pencil online store of goods for creativity receive: NPS survey Loss of brand loyalty Unfortunately, many companies lose the loyalty of their customers over time. The reasons may be different. Perhaps the client simply stopped understanding the South Africa Mobile Number List  advantages of your products or services compared to competitors. Buyers leave for more customer-oriented companies when they no longer feel their importance and the importance of their opinion. Solution: Track the purchase history and other actions of buyers to understand when a loyal customer is at risk, i.e. starts shopping less often or stops buying altogether.

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IS to give customers the opportunity to express

Our Customer Intelligence Platform will help you do this. The module allows you to understand what a loyal client is for each specific company, and how to build communication with each customer segment (we will talk about it in more detail later in this article); Collect maximum Business Lead customer feedback about the company, online store, goods and services in order to respond in time to a decrease in the level of brand loyalty; Having understood the reasons, you should quickly start an anti-crisis campaign: launch marketing campaigns that will help increase loyalty to the company. Tom Tailor case. We invite customers to share their impressions.

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