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True recycling is creative 

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Content marketing and recycling do not end with updating obsolete content. The concept of content recycling is much broader and also requires a certain amount of expertise to be manag in the best possible way.  I believe that the core element is the ability, which inevitably derives from experience, to adopt a broad and strategic vision to reshape existing contents and ensure that they are more in line with the nes of one’s target .  

Remaining in the textual field, the typical example is the decomposition of pillars and, in general, of long-form articles . The B2B world thrives on long-forms , belonging to this category – for example – white papers and e-books.

In all of this, professionalism and experience

 These contents, which moreover are not publish on the web and therefore do not pose SEO problems, can be rework into several different contents on Canada Phone Number List the basis of a strategy defined upstream. Starting from an e-book, it might be possible to build a pillar to frame the underlying theme and then many in-depth articles whose contents derive from the individual chapters of the e-book itself . 

 not only concern the strategic aspects, but also the reworking of the content. In other words, don’t think you’re doing a good job with copy/paste or that it’s a “5 minute activity”. It simply isn’t.  

 The hypothesis of multi-format content and AI 

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 The best examples are the conversion of a pillar article into an infographic and case histories into blog posts, but even in this case the limit is only creativity. However, a recommendation Business Lead must be followed: content marketing and recycling make sense when the creation of content is faster and cheaper than starting from a blank sheet , but this can only be achieved if the main content (e.g. the pillar, what is created first) is structured upstream with the idea of ​​modularity, i.e. being able to obtain different contents with an effort adequate. Otherwise, the time required for reprocessing may not be economically viable. 

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