Types of hidden costs of Lead Generation

Careful management of all lead generation processes is essential. And today more than ever, it is necessary to monitor the costs . Not only those in the light of the sun: in fact, there are hidden costs that we often ignore and of which little is said. What are they and why is it essential not to neglect them? Let’s draw a picture. The Lead Generation strategy is essential to continue to grow and remain solid in the market, even in this complex period. And to calculate the ROI of a project, it is also necessary to know in advance the hidden costs that no agency discloses.

Technological Platform Renewal Cost

Marketing Automation platforms, such as HubSpot or MarTech360 , have annual subscriptions that must be renew every year to continue Bolivia Phone Number List operating in total serenity. And this is all in all a printable and plannable cost. The unexpected arises when we have to consider an upgrade .

Technological Platform Upgrade Cost . In fact, during the course of the project the ne may arise to carry out certain activities that imply the upgrade of the platforms us. On the Sales side, for example, it may be necessary to use different sales pipelines , and with HubSpot this implies upgrade costs to the Sales Starter suite .

Cost for Extra Contacts HubSpot Platform

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Platforms like HubSpot also incur extra costs bas on how many workable contacts are in the database, all proportion by tier. AD budget . In order to best carry out Lead Generation activities, it is necessary to invest in advertising campaigns on Linking or Google Ads, which imply a budget not calculate at the beginning of the project. Considering that Business Lead part of the budget will necessarily be allocat to this activity is useful for getting closer to the ideal overall expenditure.
oust link to man-hour time . It is perhaps the most difficult cost to identify, but in everyday operations we do not realize how much time we waste in managing all the processes and activities related to Lead Generation. After all, time is money .