Uber Eats to sponsor Spain’s Best Burger competition, a competition to determine the best burger in the country

Uber Eats has announced that it will join as a sponsor of the Best Burger in Spain event. Which aims to determine the best burger in Spain. In the third edition of the championship. Uber’s food delivery service becomes one of the official sponsors. So this year a special category will be created to reward. The three best-selling burgers through Uber Eats.

The Best Burger Awards in Spain 

It culminated in an award ceremony for at the Estrella de Galicia Museum in A Coruña in early March . As Iván de la Plata, general manager of Best Burger in Spain executive email list pointed out. We believe that Uber Eats as one of the main sponsors of this event is necessary. Because it is clear that Delivery channels are one of them.

This is the fastest growing. in our country. “This alliance with Best Burger Spain, one of the most exciting food competitions in our country, makes strategic sense for Uber Eats,” said Courtney Tim’s, Director of Uber Eats. Because burgers are one of the most popular and in-demand products on the platform.

 Spanish Best Burger competition

In the 2022 edition, Junk Burger was voted. The best Business Lead burger in Spain. But the 2023 Best Burger in Spain competition promises to exceed all expectations in the new edition of the event. 

 In addition to the new categories and the long-awaited national awards. With all chains with at least five outlets across Spain eligible to participate in the category. Finally, the Bold category will recognize the most creative minds in gastronomy, with special prizes given to burgers that stand out for originality or technique.

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