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The MLM Lead System Pro Review Unearthing the

Medium-sized enterprises “said the director of special projects at Angara. Security (system integrator and supplier information security services) Alexander Dvoryansky. Most often according to him we are talking about complex oS attacks aimed at suspending the functioning of online resources or denial of service to an enterprise. There is also such a type of attack as MIM (Man in the Mile) when an attacker copies a reliable partner that has been working with for many years. Thus the victim transfers funds under current contracts to the accounts of attackers hiding under the guise of trusted partners customers or suppliers. In aition fraud using social engineering and phishing is already almost traditionally present the expert specified.

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Currently attackers do not use any technologically new types of attacks or schemes. However for example traditional oS attacks are now being carried. Out using much larger resources including a large geographically distributed network of bots. Which makes it possible Belarus Mobile Number List to multiply the attack power. It is also worth noting increased activity of attackers in the. Information field: after hacking the Internet resources of an enterprise or a news agency information. Appears on the main page of their websites that attackers want to convey to the audience. These can be threats provocations demands or simply fake information that misleads users ” Dvoryansky explained. Attacks on SMEs have increased Cases of targeted attacks on SMEs have become more frequent “in the last few days” said Evgeny.

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Tsarev director of the RTM Group (a consulting company in the field of information security forensics and IT law). For example attackers use social engineering – they call an organization posing as specialists from a large company in the field of information security and offering Business Lead to urgently eliminate a dangerous vulnerability on its website as well as “make the necessary system settings to increase protection – enable two-factor authentication block malware and so on.” further” he said. “The purpose of this attack is to quickly gain access to the corporate resource of the company. Its representative is offered to give a login and password to perform the necessary manipulations to protect the.

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