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The company proposes to use artificial

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LAN test results Test results are disappointing. In % of cases potentially dangerous resources are not blocke; outdate vulnerable solutions are use to filter traffic. The share of parasitic traffic reaches % including % – torrents and PP networks .% – advertising .% – entertainment news .% – cartoons .% – computer games .% – dating sites. Dmitry Khomutov suggeste using the new generation Ideco UTM firewall . It nees minimal setup and is straight out of the box.» is ready to provide the highest level of protection against cyber threats. It has all the necessary modules: application control content filtering anonymizer blocking intrusion prevention resource publishing anti-virus scanning. DPI filtering is carrie out at the th layer of the OSI model.

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The BlockList contains million domains and IP addresses and the update database contains more than million URLs. The solution has all the necessary FSTEC certificates. Multi-channel technical support for users is provide. Alexey Kiselev Head of Sales for Small and Meium Business List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers Clients Kaspersky Lab divide cybersecurity threats into three main groups. Common threats are classic viruses and malware. They account for -% of all malware and are fairly easy to detect and prevent. Decisions to combat them should be in every organization. Hidden threats are malware ransomware spyware. It has a high contagiousness legitimate tools are use to access systems and secure.

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Organize comprehensive protection using Fortinet tools

Hidden software has more time to do maximum damage. Complex attacks are usually large-scale actions aime at causing damage to a specific company which require the involvement of SOCs to combat. Stealth threats pose a serious threat to business and the means to Business Lead implement them on the Darknet are inexpensive: about $. In order to detect them you nee special software. Alexey Kiselev suggeste using solutions from the Kaspersky Optimum Security package : they will help detect investigate and resist a cyber attack. In addition users get the opportunity to learn about the experience.

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