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Use singular and plural

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Write directly We need to change our passive voice habits because the way we communicate with the client has changed. We no longer keep him at a distance, instead we try to build a closer relationship. Therefore, address the user directly in your product descriptions. Use “you” statements. So don’t write, for example “An ergonomic chair will contribute to alleviating back pain”, but rather “An ergonomic chair will make your back stop hurting”. Encourage action Do you know what Call to Action is ? It literally means a “call to action”. Encourage a potential customer to perform a given action “make sure how easy it is, “check it out”, “try it out”, “read more about.

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Product descriptions and SEO Create SEO product descriptions. All content on your website should be attractive and valuable, and optimized for search engine requirements. If you skillfully use key phrases, product and category descriptions will work for a good position of the e-shop in Google. Use keywords naturally Latest Mailing Database and freely. Do not overload them with text. If you are writing a product description, all you need to do is insert SEO phrases several times. In the case of a longer description of the category, correspondingly more. Do not force phrases that look caricatured in their basic form. mix it up! Try using a dash or comma.

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In addition to the words in the nominative case, use them also in inflection. Synonyms and synonyms will also be helpful. Space them evenly throughout the description. Pay special attention to the phrases in the headings (use words in their basic form here) – if the description is long enough to use them. Formatting product  and category descriptions In addition, remember that proper formatting is also very important for positioning. It is about the structure of the headings (headings H*, H, H, etc. – their number depends on the length of the text), bullet points, bolding the most important Business Lead information, short, few-sentence paragraphs.

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