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Users get high-quality customer support

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Users get that alone is actually not enough. Other cybersecurity measures, such as (something seemingly simple like) a strong password policy with FA, are also essential to keep an organization safe. After all, if hackers obtain the login details of a colleague and therefore use a real internal e-mail address or truste name on Teams or Zoom, it becomes very difficult to recognize the fraud in time. Internal communication will therefore (have to) respond more and more to cybersecurity in the future. As an employer, you should not (only) enforce strong passwords or require a VPN, but also provide information about cybersecurity.

Some features are hard to use

That people understand why such rules are necessary. A human firewall of employees This can create a human firewall: a ‘wall’ of conscious, alert employees who pay attention both inside and outside working hours and take the right measures. After all, your IT security is only as strong as the weakest link photo editor within your company. Repetition is essential here. In many cases, such a human firewall will require a behavioral change. Employees must therefore be constantly reminde of the dangers and made aware of what they can do themselves. In addition, it certainly doesn’t hurt to think about how to reach your employees in case of an emergency.

Mailchimp also offers lots of features

If all e-mail traffic is down due to a cyber attack or if people can no longer log in to Microsoft Teams, how do you even tell them what is going on and what to do? And, going back to trust, how do they know that cyber-attack messages and instructions are legit? You don’t want to ask yourself these questions until it’s too late – so think about it now if you haven’t already. Illustration for employee generate content . Employees want and get more influence In the consumer Business Lead market, User Generate Content (UGC) and influencer marketing have the upper hand these days.

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