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Valuable content… worthless if it’s not smart 

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Also in this article I want to start like this, because we marketers know it well: connections, relationships, trust… are things that we build every day with our customers and prospects and we know how important they are.  And it all has to do with content.  In fact , content continues to dominate marketing today, underpinning many of these fundamental relationships. However, even if the content is brilliant and valuable, it may not bring the desired results. 

The quantity and quality of content must

Be balanced with performance, otherwise you’re just wasting resources. To increase sales and engagement and improve connections, a good Saudi Arabia Phone Number List resource is smart content. But what exactly are they and how can they constitute the extra weapon? I’ll tell you. 

We all know that the contents that perform better and are more able to attract leads are those that are closest to the characteristics and needs of the users who use them. 

The contents must in fact be:  Target exactly what customers want and need   Optimized to appear at the right time in the right way   Always on and up to date  Useful and valuable for those who use it.

This is why it would always

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It goes without saying that not all the contents we produce can be equally useful and valuable for all the audience we address. An e-book, a blog article, an e-mail can Business Lead  have language and content suitable for a prospect who may be approaching the company for the first time, but the same could be unsuitable for an already old and loyal customer . 

 be appropriate and recommended to create ad hoc content and specific communication for each cluster of customers/prospects the company wants to address. 


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