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We have selected that we believe

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Content marketing , i.e. using content – video, text, graphics, audio – for marketing is now a must for any company. And if the objectives and strategy are clear, what are the tools or rather the content marketing tools to use?   are essential for the success of a content marketing project.   They range from SEO to content curation, from project management to visual content.   Let’s discover them together. 

Answer the Public  

It is a free tool widely used for those who write content from an SEO perspective , but not only: it is perfect for creating editorial plans, but also Russia Phone Number List understanding what people are looking for on a given topic . Answer the Public , which basically takes data from Google, provides information on people’s behavior , their doubts, their requests to know about a topic and helps to understand what they are thinking and what they need. Also because, as we know, users often query Google for answers.


Phone Number List

It is also a fundamental tool when writing evergreen content to understand which topics are covered and how to divide them.  

Many companies such as Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent and Zendesk use Curata , just to name a few. Why? Because, as those who know a little Business Lead Latin can guess, it is a tool that deals with content curation , but not only: it is also ideal for those looking for ideas for creating content.  

A software that, based on machine learning algorithms, allows you to discover the most suitable content for your project , classify it according to a relevance score as well as collect and organize it. You can also write content for your blog or social media directly within the software because there is both a text editor and an image bank as well as being able to publish and share it on your social media, blog and even in your newsletter. 



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