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How to use Inbound marketing in your web strategy

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You know the tools for web marketing, but what about strategies. One that cannot be missing from your plan is inbound marketing . An advanced and low-cost marketing strategy that will allow. You to attract people interested in your business and then convert them into customers. Inbound marketing shifts the focus from the company that sells to the consumer. Who is looking for it, delighting him with content created specifically to meet. His needs and ensuring that he is the one who is interested in the products and services offered. The focus is therefore on the contents

How to create effective content for Web marketing

Before you dive into creating text, images and videos. You need to know that there is a simple, effective and indispensable way to improve. Your online presence and increase traffic to your web pages . We’re talking about the editorial plan. A document that contains all your content divided by type. Based on the channel and the day of publication . Once you have collected the ideas and ideas in the editorial plan. You ensure that you always have material to share and that you maintain constant interaction with the public. But where do these ideas country email list originate. Simple, they come directly from your customers.

What content to create for your audience

You have identified the topics and know what to talk about. You have created an editorial plan and know what and when to publish. Only the content is missing. There are different content formats , from text Business Lead  images to videos. Even the app and site, despite being spaces where content is offered. Can be seen as actual digital content. Similarly, there are different types of content.

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