The services of your Grottaferrata accounting firm and you wrote “Dr. Rossi Accountant Grottaferrata” in the Google search bar but your website does not appear? website does not appear on google search bar You have a problem. It’s likely that whoever created your website didn’t set up the SEO tags that are essential for indexing your website . I’ll explain why your website doesn’t appear on Google. Using this keyword “ Dr. Rossi Commercialista Grottaferrata ” as a search term it is extremely difficult that your  of Google.

Your site should be at least immediately

And even if it is not visible in the first position – because it is occupied by a competitor who is advertising with this keyword – below. What I write to you below may database not be the exact solution to your problem. But know that if you have an accounting firm, your name is Dr. Rossi and you live in Grottaferrata, these are a group of keywords that you should use to index your website on Google. If not, it is appropriate to take a look at the tags , meta tags , keywords , meta descriptions , texts of the web pages of your website. You should check if you have created a sitemap for your site . Whether Google is reading your sitemap and how often. You should take a look at the robots.txt file on your server.

SEO Specialist as a basic service


This is a real SEO Audit which generally provides an  . If you want to remove any doubts about why your website doesn’t show up on Google, I suggest you call me!Do you want to try to do a simple check even by yourself? Use Google search operators . Go to Google and in the search Business Lead bar write (obviously you have to replace with your domain name, exactly the name you gave to your website without  in front. For example , in my case it would be Google should in this case present you with all pages of your website that have been indexed by the search engine. If the page returns no results (as in the image below), you should be concerned. My website does not appear on Google – Case 2 Case 2: Your website has only been online for a few days.