what are they for and how are they created with these 4 tools

Often, together with the different types of heatmaps we also have recordings of user sessions. This feature creates videos of the activities performed by people using web pages . All the documents, from the various heat maps to the videos of the sessions, contribute to forming that corpus of data that a good data analyst must interpret to guide UI optimization. 4 tools to create heat maps To create the best heatmaps for your goal (observing audience behavior on your website) you cannot avoid considering and evaluating a series of tools dedicated to this job. In most cases we are talking about professional tools that offer free solutions but only perform best if all the functions are exploited . Even the paid ones.

Crazy Egg It is definitely one of the best tools for creating

For example, you can create any type of heatmap and recording but also create surveys to find out the opinions of the public and obtain concrete feedback from your users. Crazy Egg It is definitely one of the best tools for creating heat maps to use to improve your portal. Furthermore, you have the possibility to record user sessions, create A/B tests , launch surveys and analyze the points where any errors that ruin the user  special data experience are concentrated. Clarity It is certainly the best free tool for creating heat maps that allow you to actually understand how users use your website.

Did we mention that Clarity is completely free

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What do I prefer about this tool? tool to create heat maps Clarity and the result of its analysis. Automatically generate heatmaps after installing the tracking code, including user recordings. This makes it easier to identify bottlenecks and obstacles to resolve. Did we mention that Clarity is completely free? Here, we repeat and confirm.Inspectlet .On the .Website Of. This .Tool. for .Recording .Sessions.and .Extrapolating .Heat .Maps. We Clearly Read The. Reason. Why. We .Must .Consider. Inspectlet: .It Allows .You.to .Understand What the People Who Arrive on You.r Website Want. You. Can Do. This Through. Simple And effective Business Lead  tools: feedback analysis, questionnaires, session recordings , heat maps of various types, A/B testing.

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