Where to start to measure the success or failure of

How to present an  inbound  marketing project to your boss in the best way? To create a perfect presentation, both in preparing the document and in preparing for the speech you intend to develop, it is essential to have clear ideas. Where to start to avoid arriving unprepared and not to leave out any detail? In this article we will define the 3 points to consider before  presenting the results of a project to your company.  Choosing the time period to analyze the results of an Inbound Marketing project is already a first but very important step towards the presentation of a plan. It is not only an intermediate step but a useful choice to bring out some indicators rather than others. 

A project: what are the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

Especially on long-term projects, the choice of a  time frame  (one month, one quarter, one semester, one year) becomes a discriminating factor when you want to effectively comment on the increase or decrease, in percentage, of organic traffic to a section of the site or Blog. After choosing the time frame you want to talk about in your speech, the next step is  choosing the KPIs that you want to bring out. The KPIs return a tangible value to the efforts made by the entire work team. The KPIs that cannot be missing in the presentation of an inbound marketing project are: 

Avoid hiding problems! Making proposals to find solutions is the choice 

Often in a presentation there is a tendency to bring out the indicators with positive data compared to those that highlight less brilliant performances. Nothing more wrong!  It is essential that all the problems of the same emerge during a project SAL (Work Progress Status). The problems that may arise are of different nature, from the most trivial to the most complex. There may be a relationship problem  with one of the project representatives. 


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