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Which types of content to focus on

Furthermore, content curation is a great way to give value to your audience, which is constantly floode with news, unreadable content and gets “lost”. A brand that instead selects the most important and most suitable content to read is certainly a brand that inspires trust.  That content marketing is increasingly important for companies is a fact, inde a set of data given that according to HubSpot , 90% of marketers use a content marketing plan and will continue to invest in this method throughout 2022 .  

 What is the road you have to take instead

60% of marketers measure the success of their content marketing strategy by helping them increase sales . As well as among the objectives of marketing Singapore Phone Number List activities, according to the Content Marketing Institute , the most “common” are to increase brand awareness, sales but also the level of engagement.

And if it’s clear where you want to go,? 

Here are 3 types of content that we have select for you and which, according to our experience, are undouble worth considering for your blog or company site. That is to be include in the iteral plan. 

 How-to content 

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How to do the electronic invoice? Or how to involve employees? Or again: how to prepare a meeting in the language?  

These are just examples, but they all have one thing in common: they are questions or better to say research intent of those who want to know exactly how to do a certain thing . He doesn’t want to compare products or services, nor does he Business Lead want to know where the nearest shop is, those who do searches of this type betray an informational and very practical search intent.  

And how-to content essentially responds to this. These are ” evergreen ” contents, i.e. always valid – but which in any case must be update – which aim to inform and respond to the need to know more, generate trust in the user. The “how tos” must therefore be well structured, divided into paragraphs, which respond to different types of research related to the main topic – this is why it matters to do keyword research that also considers relate and long-tail keywords– and must be written in simple but not simplistic language.

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