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Why is analytics important

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Not surprisingly, recall Hotjar’s post , the term known as heatmap was first used in the early 1990s. That is, when software designer Cormac Kinney created a tool to graphically display information on financial markets in real time. Must read: you First off  need to have a good data strategy Why it’s important to use heatmaps Thanks to these tools, decisive Why is analytics  results can be obtained in the analysis and optimization phases to discover which elements the public ignores and which they try to activate or click without success.

In some cases a First off button with a CTA can

Perhaps starting a series of attempts that lead to that phenomenon known as rage click. With heatmaps you can eliminate distractions to  Why is analytics  highlight what really matters. What is a rage click? In some cases a button with a CTA can stand out and give excellent results but only if the sources of distraction that attract the public’s gaze are identified. With good heat map analysis you can eliminate what is not needed, and ensure that the most new database   important contents emerge together with the essential points for conversions such as, for example, opt-ins, contact forms, buttons and links. How to read a heat map of a site.

Thus it is easy to First off understand how people interact

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The logic that allows you to interpret a heat map obtained with analysis tools is quite simple: warm colors ranging from yellow to red indicate a high concentration of actions carried out. Cool colors, from green to blue, communicate little activity. Thus it is easy to understand how people interact with web pages through different actions , from scrolling to clicking. Obviously it all depends on the type of heatmap. In fact, there are different ones based  Business Lead on the events you need to observe. What are the different types of heat maps? One of the most interesting solutions is the click heatmap.

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