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Your MLM Marketing System Why Most Network

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IN our new case with the KotoPhoto online store. Figures and facts “ ? KotoPhoto ” is an online hypermarket with a twelve-year history and a focus on the quality of goods, as well as high customer service. The company’s catalog contains more than 100,000 products, delivery is carried out in 1120 cities of our country, the average response time of an operator to a call is only 7 seconds. The main task: Personalize offers for each customer, ensure effective email communication with customers and keep them loyal for years to come. Solution: Using the modules of the Retail Rocket platform, develop and implement a communication strategy using different types of email newsletters in order to quickly respond to customer requests and ensure the growth of the main metrics of the online store . results How to increase the loyalty of subscribers in the email channel by.

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Times: the case of the KotoPhoto online hypermarket Goals and objectives of “KotoPhoto” The KotoPhoto online hypermarket is interested in the opinion of each client, taking it into account when forming the assortment and special offers. A personalized approach for El Salvador Mobile Number List  KotoPhoto is an integral part of the development strategy. Offline store “KotoPhoto” The KotoPhoto online store successfully uses cross-channel communications to convey suitable offers to the client through a communication channel convenient for him.

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All marketing activities on the site are supported through social networks, push mechanics and an email channel. And in the latter case, it is important not only to clearly think over offers for subscribers, but also to segment the audience so that mailings become Business Lead  more “targeted”, as relevant as possible for each recipient. More than 550 thousand users visit the KotoPhoto website every month . The KotoPhoto online store set the following tasks for the Retail Rocket team: Ensure regular communication with customers through the email channel: informing about promotions, congratulations, preparing relevant offers.

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