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Why You Should Always Generate

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Passport and the ESIA databaseas well as checking the quality of the data loaded into the EBS and the device itself with an antivirusRostelecom said. Izvestiagot sent a request to the largest banks on the use of light biometrics. VTB reported that they plan to organize payment of up to thousand rubles using it. Since the transactions are for a small amount the risks for them are minimal – similar to transactions that take place without a PIN codethe bank noted. The direction of remote identification is also considered promising in UBRDhoweverthey did not report specific plans for implementing the technology.

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Self-registration in the EBS carries risks in terms of cybersecurity. If there is malicious software on a client’s deviceits biometrics can be transferred to an attackerNikita Leokumovichan expert in computer forensics at Angara Securitywarned. He added that the risks of data leakage increase if the Malaysia Phone Number List  application does not encrypt data and sends it over an insecure communication channel. – For biometrics all of the listed risks will be less criticalsinceunlike other datathe EBS does not store personal data in its pure formonly mathematical casts are used in it. Even if the fraudster receives biometrics in the form of a set of character she will not be able to restore the image of the face from itNikita Leokumovich noted.

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He added that there are also risks of carrying out light biometrics operations – they are associated with the use of other people’s data. For examplewith the fact that someone will pay for their purchases using someone else’s photo or fingerprint. At the same timeRosfinmonitoring does Business Lead not see the risks of “lightweight” biometrics from the point of view of “anti-money laundering” legislationsince the services available with its help are not subject to the law.Angara Security and NPP “Digital Solutions” announced cooperation July Moscow — Angara Security signed a partnership agreement with Digital Solutionsa Russian developer and manufacturer of network equipment for information security.

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